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last night was the most amazing night, ever. i finally met my heroes. vic, mike, tony, jaime. as soon as i walked in the room i started crying a little. jaime was like “hey high five!” so i went to high five him and he was like “awh don’t cry” and i smiled and said “im sorry”. then jaime got up and hugged me. then he signed my poster and passed it to tony to sign. i handed jaime the envelope with my note and bracelets i made them, and said under my tears that it was for all of them. in the note i wrote about everything they’ve helped me through. how they’ve saved my life so many times. that they were my heroes. and that the 4 bracelets had ‘hope’ on them because it was my way of giving back what they gave to me. and that if they were ever having a bad day they should be reminded there is always hope. he took it and said “those better be happy tears” i shook my head yes and smiled. and then i went behind them to take a picture. before the girl took it, mike said “you better be smiling” and i said “i am” under more tears. after she took it, jaime goes “op, she took it already” i laughed a little and turned to walk out from behind them. i looked at vic and the tears just overflowed my eyes as he stood up and said “come here, dont cry” and gave me the longest most precious hug ever. i mumbled to him “youre my hero, i love you all” and started to walk away as vic said “love you!”. by then i couldnt stop crying and tried saying “love you too” but idk if it even was loud enough. i reached the door, a guy opened it for me and asked if i’d be okay and i shook my head yes, walked out to the freezing air and cried my eyes out with everyone watching. and this is the third time i cried today. i just can’t stop thinking how that all really happened. i met the people who saved my life.

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